The Whelm

The Whelm is the main military and police force of the Alastor globular cluster. Known for their strategy of using overwhelming odds against their enemies. Most powerful instrument employed by the Connatic in ruling Alastor from his palace Lusz on the planet Numenes.

The Whelm mainly protects the inhabited planets of the Alastor cluster against the Starmenters, the fearsome space pirates that hide amongst the starments throughout the Alastor cluster. Whelm space fleets are also deployed against destabilizing factions on the planets of Alastor, but this force is only used when it is really needed. The Connatic reigns with a rather libertarian view.

Glinnes Hulden served ten years in the Whelm before returning home to Trullion. Before resigning he was commander of landing craft 191-539.

Ships in the Whelm space fleet.

  • Tyrant and Mauler class dreadnoughts.
  • Stinger and Vavaringi combat boats.
  • Amardillo sky-forts.
  • Landing crafts.
  • Patrol crafts